Net Appointment
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w Easy Setup w Individual or Group Scheduling
w Automatic Email Reminders w Recurring Appointments
w Specify Services w Automatic Time Zone Conversion

Net Appointment is a small business tool that allows companies to automate the appointment scheduling process. Any business, organization, or school that needs the capability to schedule individual or group appointments can benefit from our service.

We eliminate the need for two people to be involved in the scheduling process. Customers can view the availability of company personnel and schedule their own appointment by selecting an available time slot. The company administrator can view customer scheduling activity via various inquiry screens. Customer appointments can be viewed in a daily, weekly, or monthly format. We help you set up your account by providing telephone and email support. If you like, we will match the look of your Net Appointment account to the colors and images of your website. Since our service is Web-based, there is no software to download.

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