Net Appointment

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Net Appointment is a small business tool that allows companies to automate the appointment scheduling process. Any business, organization, or school that needs the capability to schedule individual or group appointments can benefit from our service.

We eliminate the need for two people to be involved in the scheduling process. Customers can view the availability of company personnel and schedule their own appointment by selecting an available time slot. The company administrator can view customer scheduling activity via various inquiry screens. Customer appointments can be viewed in a daily, weekly, or monthly format. Since our service is Web-based, there is no software to download.

Mobile Friendly
Simple, easy-to-use version of the service is available for your mobile device.

Automatic Email Reminders
Your clients receive an automatic email reminder of their upcoming appointment prior to the appointment. You also have the option of receiving an email notification whenever a client schedules an appointment.

Text Messages
Clients can choose to receive text message confirmations and reminders via their cell phone.

Export Appointment Information to Spreadsheets
You can easily export your appointment information into a spreadsheet. You are then able to use the functions of the spreadsheet to perform additional analysis of appointments for all your employees.

Specify Services
Specify services provided by your company so that clients can schedule for the specific service they need. Each service is automatically associated with the correct duration of the service. A hair salon, for example, might require thirty minutes for a manicure or an hour for hair coloring. Since the service is automatically associated with the time duration, the client does not have to guess about what time duration to select.

Group Scheduling
The system allows you to schedule mulitple customers for the same time. For example, if you need to schedule classes, our service will allow you to do this.

Link Employees to Services
Some services may be provided only by specific employees. You can associate employees with services so that the client does not schedule with an employee who does not perform a given service.

Customize Scheduling Page
You may customize the scheduling page to your business. Net Appointment allows you to schedule in 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 (1 hour), 75 (1 hour and 15 minutes), 90 (1 and 1/2 hours), 105 (1 hour and 45 minutes), 120 (2 hours), 150 (2 and 1/2 hours), 180 (3 hours), 240 (4 hours), 300 (5 hours), 360 (6 hours), 420 (7 hours), or 480 (8 hours) minute intervals (durations). If you do not use all of these intervals in your business, you can show only the intervals you use. If you schedule only 30 and 60 minute appointments, then the client will see only those two time intervals on the scheduling page. If you do not accept recurring appointments, then this option would not appear on the screen. You may schedule "in person", "telephone", or "Internet chat session" appointments. If you accept only "in person" appointments, then the option for "telephone" and "Internet chat session" appointments would not appear on the screen. The client may also specify a purpose for the appointment. If you do not want the client to be able to specify a purpose, you can elect to not display the "purpose" input field on the screen.

Automatic Time Zone Conversion
Clients can schedule outside of your local time zone and not have to worry about time zone conversions. All available times are automatically converted to the client's local time zone. When you view employee schedules via the administrative inquiry screens, all times appear in the local company time zone. Email reminders sent to clients and company notification emails are converted to local time zones.

Recurring Appointments
Appointments can be set to re-occur automatically on a given day of the week at a particular time. The client selects the number of weeks between the recurring appointments. A list box appears on the client scheduling screen that allows the client to specify a 1 to 26 week interval between appointments. The client selects the date and time of the appointment as he normally does. If he chooses a range of weeks from the list box, the appointment will repeat itself at the interval selected. Clients may schedule only one recurring appointment with an employee. Clients can cancel a single recurring appointment or all recurring appointments by following the same procedure he uses to cancel non-recurring appointments. Recurring appointments can continue indefinitely or you may restrict them to end after a specify number of occurences. You may also limit the number of occurences by employee so that different employees can set their recurring appointments to a specific number of recurring intervals.

Appointment Buffers
If you desire to specify free time between appointments, you can do so by selecting buffers between appointments. Buffers can be set for 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 105, 120, 150, 180, 240, 300, 360, 420, or 480 minutes in length. An initial buffer can also be set that prevents clients from scheduling on the current date before a specified period of time. This allows you to receive adequate notice of current day appointments.

Custom Client Instructions
If you have special scheduling instructions that you need to convey to your clients, you can do so by entering the instructions on an administrative page. Clients can click on a link to these instructions from their scheduling page.

Export to other calendars
Appointment information can be easily imported into other calendars on your desktop PC or laptop. You can then view appointments for all employees in any of the calendar views - daily, five day week, seven day week, or monthly.

First Month Free
Use Net Appointment free for the first month to decide if you can use it in your business. You may cancel the service any time online with no obligation.

Display Customer Information
Display a list of all your online customers along with email address, telephone number, session totals, cancellation totals, and any additional information provided by the customer.

Restrict Employee Signon
You have the option of restricting employees to their own appointments. You may not want employees to see other employee appointments. Employees have an individual user id that allows them to see only their own appointments.

Schedule with Specific Employee or First Available
Clients can schedule with a specific employee, make their appointment with the first available employee, or view the first available employee times.

Administrative Inquiry Screens
You can view all scheduled appointments for a particular employee in sequential list format. You can also display employee activity for a single day, for the next 10 days, weekly, or in calendar format for the current or subsequent months.

Manage Personnel Schedule
Even though Net Appointment requires you to maintain regular hours, there will be times when employees will not be available due to vacation, sickness, or other absences. The employee absence management page lets you schedule regular and unplanned employee absences.

Appointment Cancellation
Appointments can be cancelled by the client who scheduled the appointment or by your employee. The client simply clicks on the "Cancel" icon on their main scheduling page to display any appointments he has scheduled. He then clicks on the word "Cancel" next to the appointment he wishes to cancel.

View Schedule by Employee or by Customer
You can display appointment information by employee or by client on your administrative inquiry screens.

Group Email
Send email to all of your clients with one mouse click.

First Available Dates
Clients can view available times on the first available dates, without having to click on individual dates to find an available time.

Limit Future Scheduling
Companies can place a limit on how far into the future clients can schedule appointments.

Customize Scheduler
Select your own background colors and graphics to make the scheduler look more like your own website. Place your own logo and heading image on the scheduler to make it look more like a part of your web page. Our simple graphical interface makes it a snap to select the colors and graphics you wish to use and then upload them to our server.

Flexible Hours of Operation
In addition to setting your regular business hours, you can easily provide for variations in your standard hours by using our 'Override Hours' option.

Advance Customer Payments
The system allows you to integrate customer payments with the scheduling process so that customers are required to pay online prior to booking their appointment.